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Non Surgical Weight Loss Programs

Weight is an issue that millions of people struggle with every day. Poor diet, lack of exercise, or even medical conditions can account for undesirable weights, but with enough sweat, effort, and motivation, we can be overcome.

At Cavi-Lipo we offer non surgical weight loss programs called Cavi-Lipo. As an alternative to liposuction, this service uses Ultrasound Cavitation to breakdown fat cells that are released and metabolized through the liver - working with the body's natural detoxification processes.

Treatment lasts a mere 30 minutes and can feel both therapeutic and relaxing. Not only does Cavi-Lipo get rid of fat cells completely, but it tightens the skin leaving a toned look with increased definition. Cavi-Lipo is the most advanced non-surgical weight loss and cellulite treatment used to permanently reduce unwanted body fat and inches.

Those looking for a weight loss service should contact us at Cavi-Lipo in East Northport, NY. Join our wellness program today! Cleared by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), this is one of the most advanced and efficient body fat-reduction systems in the world. If you think this weight loss service is for you, contact us today to learn more!